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Saturday, July 08, 2006

40 years +

So after much time of mourning I've just about come to terms with our exit from the world cup. I could analyse our tactics and approach joining the long list of critics but I have nothing new to add so I won't waste your time. The biggest disappointment for me is the significant lack of hope. Normally we gracefully bow out of a world cup with a rubbish team and the future can only be an improvement fuelling our belief that it's just 4 small years until the world is ours! Unfortunately this time I feel like we had the greatest starting 11 we've ever had. On an individual basis we had a host of, widely recognized, world class players. Whether you blame the manager, the individuals who didn't perform or any number of refereeing blunders - we simply got it all wrong.

Before I burst into tears and consider marrying a foreign bride in the hope that I might see the nation I represent actually win a world cup in my lifetime I'll allow Mr Crouch to put a smile on my face. Peter Crouch - Disco King and Silky Skills Legend.


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