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Friday, April 21, 2006

What was it like?

Liz Hinds bellows from the crowds. Well making the choice to leave a plane at 12000ft is not something that is easily expressed in words but I'll try.

Six of us were jumping from Linden and I think it's fair to say I was by far the most worried about doing it. Somehow everyone else veiled themselves with a thin veneer of confidence and excitement but I'm sure they all soiled themselves at some point! We had to go in pairs and (being the real men that we are) Ben and I went last. After a long wait and lots of weather holds we got kitted up and signed further legal disclaimers. It was just prior to boarding the plane that I over heard Barry (my instructor with 25 years military experience) sharing how it was just last year he had ‘lost’ one his boys in America! It’s not exactly what you hope to hear before you do this for the first time. As we started our ascent my fear turned to excitement. Prior to out exit height we quickly learnt the skydivers handshake. I guess it’s for good luck, not that I believe that a lucky handshake can make a difference, but it’s not a time to put it to the test!

At this point all straps got very tight and I got closer to Barry than I maybe would have liked. In the words of the spice girls, two became one! Still feeling excited we shuffled to the door where I then had to lift my feet off the floor… A small expletive did pop out but I am still a Christian! And we jumped. The speed at which you travel is out of this world and something that nobody tells you is just how cold it is but it was such a rush. After the chute had been deployed we graciously floated for around 5 minutes where we executed a text book landing. Ben flopped on his arse but I could have been James Bond in a tux ready for a candle lit dinner!

There’s a rumour that Sue Brown (Ben’s lovely mum) enjoyed it so much she is thinknig of getting her licence and going solo!

Pictures will be on the way soon.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


So in under two weeks I'm jumping out of a plane. Not coz I'm crazy but because I'm trying to do a good thing. As the date races toward me I'm increasingly thinking of ways that I can pull out but I know I can't. At the point when I'm sitting in a plane at 15,000 feet with the door wide open a nice man is going to say, "Do you want to do this". Hmmm let me think... NO! Obviously I'm much to proud to back out and it'll be my pride that takes me to the doorway but I know from experience I'm going to end up screaming like a little girl. The question is: How can I do I stop myself screaming?!