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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Justice... of a sort!

So it was nearly three months ago I was photographed speeding. Not unusal in modern day and I probably throurghly deserve a fine but I was annoyed because at the time I was driving the work van. Although it's a Merc it really struggles to hit 70 on a motorway and much less up hills. Anyway I managed (for about 5 seconds) to top 80 in it on the one and only occasion I have driven it and unfortunately a speed camera was there to verify my claims. After alot of anxious waiting the ticket finally arrived and so I thought I had nothing to lose I was going to explain the situation. The biggest kiss ass letter I have ever written but I guess someone read my story with sympathy and today I recieved the confirmation that they will not be taking my prosecution any further!

So my advice in getting out of speeding fines:

Don't lie and admit you were wrong and very naughty.

Express your upset and embarrassment that you are now a criminal.

Happen to be driving a charity owned vehicle.