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Friday, May 26, 2006

Goings On

I haven't posted for ages and feel compelled to just in case Jonny M strikes me off his friends list for inactivity! I don't have anything profound or thought provoking so heres my news, or significant lack of it:

It's that time of year where I attempt to prove my intelligence by guessing exam questions and doing as little revision as my conscience allows me. I only have 4 exams this term instead of the 5 I've become used to but it still seems alot. I think I could convince myself that even if I just had one exam somehow someone somewhere would be getting it easier than me but on reflection it could be worse. A mixed bag for subjects but with my first exam just a few days away I'm swiftly realisng that we haven't been taught all that we should have. Time to pull my finger out and get studying.

My final exam is on June 10th which means that I get to walk out of my exam wearing my england shrit with pride as we then take on the filth of Paraguay. Thats about the only saving grace of my exam timetable, it finishes as the world cup starts.

I don't want to get my hopes up but I really feel there is something special about 2006 for English football. It'll probably be the year remembered for the worst ever national performance ever seen but at least if I think that I won't be too disappointed. And on that note who are peoples predictions for world cup glory?

I think too many people have neglected Argentina and I also feel it's about time Spain matched the quality their squad always shows. I'm going out on a limb to say that Brazil won't do it. I don't think their defense is solid enough and any one of the top 6 teams could beat them with a good organised display. Brazil to go out in the semi's.

Anyway I'm beginning to ramble but I'll be back once the stress of exams and football has passed.