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Friday, January 27, 2006


Just the other night I watched a fascinating programme about acupuncture. This doctor/scientist lady was trying to investigate and find proof of the effectiveness of the treatment which claims to heal all kinds of aliments. Various people were featured including a girl who had open heart surgery whilst conscious using only acupuncture to dull the pain. Not only did she not feel a thing but she was out of hospital significantly sooner than if she had undergone the operation ‘western style’. They also highlighted a few research studies aimed at substantiating the vast claims made by acupuncturists primarily trying to establish if it was simply a placebo or whether acupuncture had any physiological effects.

They closed the show conducting their own experiment in an MRI scanner measuring brain activity whilst various forms of acupunctural techniques were adopted. Interestingly the showed that acupuncture can actually lead to deactivation of certain brain areas. In doing so they found something they didn’t expect and have moved a step closer to understanding how this ancient art works.

I think I’d be well up for trying acupuncture but I’m not sure of its origins and basis in religion. I’ve also never met any who’s had it done and was wondering if you’ve heard any positive or negative stories relating to the treatment.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Blue Peter Badges

I rank this amoungst my finest achievements. Today I recieved a letter to my alter ego "William Oakes" from Blue Peter! Enclosed was a wonderful letter from the shows editor and a shiney new Blue Peter badge!

A while ago I was boasting how I have a green Blue Peter badge for a letter I wrote when I was 7 but I've always wanted a proper blue and white one. About 2 months ago I created a fictional child and emailled the show with some rubbish about how much I loved it. I didnt think I'd get a response as my final line of the email was:

"thanks for making blue peter my second favourite show after newsround"

Well the Beeb have come up trumps and now I have my sights set on a gold badge. I challenge you all to write as many letters as it takes to win a badge, it feels so good to get one!

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Obesity Update

I'd nearly forgotten but I know you're all dying to hear how much wieght I've put on. Well my top wieght has been 78.3kg which counts as a gain of 5kg however I did lose nearly 4kg when I started the drugs as I lost all the obesity from my fat feet. In the week I went home for christmas I successfully put on a stone. Basically I don't know who won so argue amoungst yourselves!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I've been giving this one some thought and I can't understand it. In the morning I get out of bed, pick up my towel and go and have a shower. I do my very best to clean myself, then obviosuly towel dry. I then get dressed etc and put the slightly damp towel on the radiator to dry. It usually stays there until the next day. My question is if I'm clean when I get out of the shower, why does my towel ever need cleaning?! I think this is one of those puzzlers that ranks alongside 'why do men have nipples?' and 'why is Ben Brown such an easy target?' Any thoughts?